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10 good reasons to choose Cash Crusaders as a franchise

10 good reasons to choose Cash Crusaders as a franchise When it comes to choosing a franchise, there are so many options out there, but when we asked FrancoisRoux (one of our top franchisees) why he continues to remain vested in Cash Crusaders, this is what he had to say: 1.      A recession-proof business What makes Cash Crusaders resilient in economic times, is that they have 3 profit centres and the flexibility to shift the emphasis between these to adapt to the economic climate. I’ve been a Crusader for almost 20 years now and this business has survived and thrived through all the economic ups and downs. I’m very grateful for that. The 3 profit centres are new goods, second-hand goods and secured loans. 2.      Continued growth year on year Ultimately, you’re in the business to make a profit and when it comes to that, Cash Crusaders has delivered for me year on year. The business is profitable and the ROI is good.   If I wasn’t happy with the

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